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I’ve Been Blessed, by Dena Kirkpatrick

I believe that horses have strong family traits just as humans do, I have been fortunate enough, at my age, to have had opportunities to ride and/or study many bloodlines that have been used in barrel racing. In...

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The Top Five Myths About 
Competition Cutting Horses, By Larry Trocha

Dear Friend and Horseman, Welcome to Horse Training Tips Insider.  During my career as a professional horse trainer, I’ve heard horse owners tell all kinds of reasons why they think their horse could be a winner...

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A Personal Journey Towards Understanding a Whole-Horse Approach to Health and Soundness (by Becky Tenges)

This month I wanted to share a story told by friend and Integrated Equine...

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Reading Your Horse, and What He Might Have to Say About One-Sidedness

Have you ever noticed that it is often easier for your horse to perform lateral...

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Are You Listening To What Your Horse’s Body Is Telling You?

How often have you overheard someone says something like, “My horse does just...

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“Mystery Lameness” Behind / Reading the Horse’s Body Language to Release Tension

“Mystery Lameness” Behind Reading the Horse’s Body Language to...

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NEW ISSUE of Performance Horse Digest

The New Issue of Performance Horse Digest is here, online! Whether you’re...

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Hemp Seeds Rival Soybeans in Protein Quality
, by Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D.

Soybean meal is the most commonly added protein source in horse feeds. However,...

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