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Why is my horse ‘foamy’ when he sweats?

Pro Equine Grooms writes about a common myth about horses – a foamy horse is not indicative of a horse that is overworked. The foam on your sweaty horse is the result of the ingredients of your horse’s sweat...

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Too Much Iron Can Be Detrimental to the Insulin Resistant Horse

Dr. Getty’s Tip: Are you adding a supplement to your horse’s diet that contains iron? You may want to consider changing it if your horse is overweight, diagnosed with insulin resistance, or suffers from equine...

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Protein Quality from Hemp vs. Soybeans

Hemp Seeds Rival Soybeans in Protein Quality
 by Juliet M. Getty,...

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Want to Get in the Groove with your Horse?

There is nothing more awesome than feeling in the groove with your horse while...

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Time allows us the chance to mess things up and it gives us the chance get things right.

Time is all we have. Sometime, anytime, every-time, all the time, time for this...

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Humanship, It should be a word!

Several months ago I had a discussion with a fellow writer and laughingly said...

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Good Horses have Common Traits, by Craig Cameron

The mechanics of the horse revolve around how the horse is built and how his...

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Can a Marble Keep a Mare Out of Heat?

MARBLES IN THE UTERUS – Patrick M. McCue, DVM, PhD, Diplomate American...

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