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EHV and the Equine Immune System, by Dr. Juliet M Getty

The recent outbreak of equine herpes virus (EHV) has caused great concern among horse owners throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Did you know that your horse is already likely to be infected with this virus?...

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Four Is Old, by Aaron Ralston (and his son, Parker)

Me: “#@*!  @##**!  !  !  ” (Picking.  myself up off the ground). Parker: (riding his horse in the arena with me) “Wow dad! That horse looked like the horse on the rodeo  (NFR)!   He kicked so high and...

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Keep on Moving! by Barbra Schulte

If you are 25, you probably don’t think about it (-: … or 35...

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Learning the Leads as a Novice Rider, by Ken McNabb

This month, we will cover how to teach your kids or any novice rider to...

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Is Your Horse Mechanically Right For the Job? by Craig Cameron

When choosing a horse, it is very important that you know if he is...

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Seat Position and the Sport of Cutting, by Barbra Schulte

When you’re learning to cut, it’s easy to confuse which seat position you...

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Introduction of the Lariat, by Richard Winters

Introducing your saddle horse to a lariat rope and getting him comfortable...

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NEW ISSUE Performance Horse Digest

The New Issue of Performance Horse Digest is here, online! Whether you’re...

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