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Proper Bits plus Good Hands equal Good Horses by Monty Bruce

Monty Bruce   When it comes to the horse world there are few things more numerous than bits. There are hundreds of different kinds, variations and styles. Basic ones, every day ones and some that hang on the...

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Luke Jones: Helping Horses Manage Travel Stress

By: Jennifer Fjelstad In the world of showing horses competitively, how a horse performs on event days can hinge on how well the horse traveled to the show venue. Performance horses are loaded into trailers and...

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NEW ISSUE of Performance Horse Digest

The New Issue of Performance Horse Digest is here, online! Whether you’re...

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On the Trail: Focus Exercise – by Clinton Anderson

No matter where you live, chances are that you can use your natural terrain to...

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Timing & Rhythm by Martha Josey

One of the most crucial skills for becoming a good barrel racer is good timing....

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Forward Motion & Collection – Part 1 by Craig Cameron

“In true collection, there’s a weight transfer from the front end to the...

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Coto Equestrian Center Steps Into The Future With State-Of-The-Art Equine Simulator, Advanced Training Methods and $1.5 Million in Upcoming Upgrades

Situated in the exclusive private community of Coto de Caza,...

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A Better BACK UP – With Richard Winters Horsemanship

Horses in the wild move in almost every direction and configuration imaginable....

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