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Water Consumption of Pastured Livestock, from Mother Earth News

Animals on pasture get some moisture from the water contained in grass, but they need sufficient, reliable supplies of clean water to grow and remain healthy. Factors that affect water consumption include weather...

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Logic is Important, by Al Dunning

After training horses for over 40 years, I am convinced that proper collection completely changes the dynamics of your horse’s performance. So how can I explain this fundamental aspect of training your horse?...

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“So, What Exactly Does Humor Have To Do With Riding a Horse?”

We all love to laugh. But, what you may not know, is how important humor is...

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Why does my horse Crib?

Cribbing has multiple causes, but management practices can help keep your horse...

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The Ten Minute Warm-up; A Quick Safety Check Before Riding, By Steve Lantvit

When a horse comes in for training by me it’s pretty common that the...

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“How the Judge Views Runs – from a World Champion’s Perspective”

Interview with Phil and Mary Ann Rapp: Barbra: Okay. So when you’re...

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NEW ISSUE Performance Horse Digest

The New Issue of Performance Horse Digest is here, online! Whether you’re...

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This Tiny Surgery can be a Big Fix for some Broodmares

One of the most successful veterinary procedures in the field of assisted...

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