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NEW ISSUE of Performance Horse Digest

The New Issue of Performance Horse Digest is here, online! Whether you’re subscribed to the print version or not, you can view the magazine online completely for free on your iPad, iPhone, Android or any...

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How Does Confinement Affect Your Horse?

Dealing with Confinement – by Pat Parelli Horses are born skeptics, cowards, panic-aholics and claustrophobics by nature to varying degrees. When considering the subject of confinement for prey animals, you...

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Western Dressage: A Closer Look at Tack

Any time you are getting into a different discipline, it is important to know...

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Building a new breaking pen, arena or barn? READ THIS FIRST

Dear Friend and Horseman, I just received an email from one of my Inner Circle...

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Primary Issues vs Secondary Issues Affecting Performance

Most muscle tension issues in the horse’s body that affect performance are...

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Clover Slobbers

Why does my horse slobber like mad in the spring and sometimes the summer?...

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Why is my horse ‘foamy’ when he sweats?

Pro Equine Grooms writes about a common myth about horses – a foamy horse is...

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Too Much Iron Can Be Detrimental to the Insulin Resistant Horse

Dr. Getty’s Tip: Are you adding a supplement to your horse’s diet that...

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