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Three Ways to Become a Horse Trainer, By Bob Jeffreys and Suzanne Sheppard

People who love to ride horses often envy those of us who work with or are around horses every day. They truly believe that it would be just great if they could quit their current job and subsequently work at...

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See Through Your Horse’s Eyes! By Bob Jeffreys & Suzanne Sheppard

Over the years, people have often asked questions about specific problems they were encountering with their horses and we’ve tried our best to provide them with the answers they sought. More importantly, however,...

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Be Your Horse’s Advocate By Bob Jeffreys & Suzanne Sheppard

Most of you taking the time to read this article love horses. We would also...

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Bargain Horses – Are They Really – by Bob Jeffreys & Suzanne Sheppard

Many years ago, Bob bought a horse that no one else seemed to want. They called...

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Rearing – Correct it before it gets Worse, by Clinton Anderson

Rearing is a very dangerous situation for both horse and rider and if left...

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The Early Stages of Training, by Chris Cox

Whether I’m starting a horse for roping, cutting or any other discipline, I...

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Your Position In the Saddle, by Chris Cox

When you’re shopping for a horse, one of the things you look for is a well...

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Your Horse is Always Reading Your Body Language, By Cynthia McFarland with Chris Cox

We’ve all been around people who talk a lot without really saying...

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