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Collecting Past-due Board without the Song & Dance, by Julie I. Fershtman

Boarding stable owners sometimes feel pressured by ever-increasing costs of hay, shavings, and feed, while their clients resist rate increases and sometimes fail to pay. What can a stable do? Many stable owners...

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Set yourself up for Success, by Barbra Schulte

Just as in any relationship, trust is a critical element of a healthy give-and-take exchange between two personalities. As riders we need to trust our horse, and our horse needs to trust us for both parties to be...

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How Horses Learn, by Monty Bruce

In this article we will discuss how horses learn, how to best apply this info...

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Is your horse physically capable? by Craig Cameron

The mechanics of the horse revolve around how the horse is built and how his...

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Making Mistakes, No Fear of Failure, by Aaron Ralston

Making mistakes has become my priority! I have been practicing now for a few...

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Omega 3s – The Good Guys in the Fat World, by Dr. Juliet M Getty

Fat is an excellent source of calories – more than twice the calories offered...

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Teaching Your Horse to Yield at the Poll, by Clinton Anderson

Horse ownership should be fun for both you and your horse. A big part of what...

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Very Few Horses are Not Herd-Bound, by Craig Cameron

The Call of the Herd A common problem for horse owners is the herd-bound horse....

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