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What is the 2014 NRCHA Futurity all about?

From humble beginnings in 1970, with a mere 27 entries, the National Reined Cow Horse Association Snaffle Bit Futurity has flourished into one of the most prestigious and exciting events in the Western performance...

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What can you do to help a horse that pulls back? – With Glenn Stewart -

Contrary to some people’s way of thinking, horses do not enjoy, like, or think it is fun to pull back. It hurts and they are very worried, scared and claustrophobic feeling when they pull back. It is much more...

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Seat Position when Riding a Cutting Horse, by Barbra Schulte

“How ARE You Supposed to Sit On Your Cutting Horse?” Six Tips to...

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Tying Problems? Practice is the Key to Patience, by Clinton Anderson

Pawing the ground is a clear sign of impatience and frustration on the...

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Lateral Work & Yielding to Pressure, by Monty Bruce

Lateral work is important for our performance horse training. It is essential...

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Successful Long-distance Trailering, by Bob Jeffreys & Suzanne Sheppard

We’ve traveled across the country many times with our horses and would like...

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Exercises for your Horse – Developing Straightness, by Steve Lantvit

Getting our horses to perform better is a lifelong goal for most of us. We...

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Choose how to Respond to Disappointment, by Barbra Schulte

No one escapes painful disappointments. Your horse has an injury. A trusted...

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