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Is your horse physically capable? by Craig Cameron

The mechanics of the horse revolve around how the horse is built and how his body works, just as the nature of the horse pertains to the horse’s psyche and how the horse’s mind works. Equine mechanics deal with...

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Making Mistakes, No Fear of Failure, by Aaron Ralston

Making mistakes has become my priority! I have been practicing now for a few years and just about have it down to a science. However, this hasn’t always been the case. I spent my early career protecting...

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Omega 3s – The Good Guys in the Fat World, by Dr. Juliet M Getty

Fat is an excellent source of calories – more than twice the calories offered...

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Teaching Your Horse to Yield at the Poll, by Clinton Anderson

Horse ownership should be fun for both you and your horse. A big part of what...

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Very Few Horses are Not Herd-Bound, by Craig Cameron

The Call of the Herd A common problem for horse owners is the herd-bound horse....

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Add Fun & Humor to your Tool Box, by Barbra Schulte

We all love to laugh. But, what you may not know, is how important humor is...

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Myth: A Shiny Horse is a Healthy Horse , by Getty Equine Nutrition

Fat from any source will make your horse shiny. A fatty substance called sebum,...

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Prepare and have no Regrets, by Aaron Ralston

My competition at the world equestrian games in Aachen Germany was not the...

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