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The Early Stages of Training, by Chris Cox

Whether I’m starting a horse for roping, cutting or any other discipline, I use the same methods. Bottom line, I always want to build a solid foundation on the horse before I ever introduce anything specific to a...

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Your Position In the Saddle, by Chris Cox

When you’re shopping for a horse, one of the things you look for is a well built, well balanced horse. The irony is that an unbalanced rider can negatively affect a beautifully balanced, athletic horse. I’ve...

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Your Horse is Always Reading Your Body Language, By Cynthia McFarland with Chris Cox

We’ve all been around people who talk a lot without really saying...

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You are on a Mission, by Cynthia McFarland with Chris Cox

Even when you find a good match with a horse whose personality suits yours, you...

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The Good Outweigh the Bad – by Al Dunning

Nerves are a common problem for all levels of riders. They can control us...

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Why, What, & How of Collection – by Al Dunning

After training horses for over 40 years, I am convinced that proper collection...

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Winter Trailering Tips, by Dr. Rachel Bourne ( Wisconsin Equine Clinic & Hospital )

Many people do not choose to trailer in the cold winter months, but sometimes...

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Horses Seek Relief by “Soaking”, By Cynthia McFarland with Chris Cox

If you haven’t figured it out by now, horses and humans don’t naturally...

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